Upside Inside

A physical performance about perception and sense-making.








Something is happening. Someone is doing something while a group of people are watching. What a strange situation! What actually happens in the moment we perceive something? How do I make sense of what I see, hear, feel, and understand? What part of you is it that experiences your experiences? Can a theatre performance talk about any of this in any meaningful way?

Upside Inside is a physical performance about perception, sense-making, human anatomy and the very strange idea to try and make sense of anything by placing it on a theatre stage. It is a solo performance using the highly specialised body of an acrobat in new ways, combining text and physical expression.

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Video Trailer:

Concept/performance: Finn Jagd Andersen
Dramaturgy/outside eye: Charlotte Mathiessen
Aerial Choerography: Cornelia Küng
Sound design: Chris Sigdell
Set design: Raphael Schneider
Light design: Elia Albertella
Co-produktion: Accademia Teatro Dimitri